CDL 3800

CDL 3800 Documentation

CDL 3800 Specifications

Sampling Rate

12KHz - 192 kbps

Recording Times

Base Unit 11.3 minutes

Flash Memory

Non-volatile, unaffected by power interruptions

Frequency Response


Power Source

12V DC adapter, included

Cables (inluded)

RCA to Mini, RCA to RCA

Audio Outputs

600 ohm and 8 ohm

Tone Control


Working Temp

From +5C to +50C (40F to 122F)




6 Lbs. (Boxed)

CDL 3800

The CDL 3800 is a digital audio playback device used for music and message on-hold applications. The 3800's advanced Slot Load CD drive downloads audio files from a standard audio CD to digital flash memory.

CDL 3800 Features

NEW Slot Load CD Drive

Familiar to anyone that listens to CD's in their automobile! Premier's new Slot Load system will provide a recognized interface for customers to insert their CD audio production. Slot Load technology also eliminates the wear and tear that can occur over time with CD "tray" style drives.

Standard CD Format

The 3800 recognizes industry standard Red Book audio CD's. This ensures a common CD format is used and will help eliminate confusion for both production and studio and end-user customers.

Aluminum Enclosure

For environments where durability and rugged construction are key.

Tone Control

The tone control provides added flexibility to adjust the bass and treble to a desired level on each phone system.

Internal Speaker

The internal speaker adds the ability to listen to the audio production and prompts. The speaker's volume and tone are at a fixed level, and can be turned on or off.

Flash Memory

All audio storage and playback are from digital flash memory. This allows the 3800 to retain its audio production during a power outage, and automatically resume playback when power returns.

Easy Install

Visible wall mount flanges ensure a quick and easy installation in the phone room. RCA/RCA and RCA/mini cords are included to allow a plug-and-play application.


Up to 16 audio tracks can be burned to a CD for future playback. Individual tracks can be selected for download as desired. Audio tracks are stored to memory one at a time.

Made In The USA

The CDL 3800 is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

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