CH 6000 Documentation

CH 6000 Specifications


10 lbs.

CH 6000 Dimensions

11" x 8.5" x 3.5"


64 kbps (effective 96 kbps)

Recording Time

2 - 24 minutes


Non-volatile NAND Flash.

Power Source

10V AC adapter included

Audio Output

600 Ohm & 8 Ohm

Custom Overlay


Source Bandwidth

200 - 3400 Hz

Recording Method

Local Keypad or Remote SAS 2001 Software


5 digit

CH 6000

The Call Handler 6000 is a solid state, local/remote programmable digital announcer that answers up to three incoming phone lines with promotional, screening, or night-answer messaging.

The CH 6000 can also be used simultaneously for information on-hold.

CH 6000 Features

Promotional Mode

The Call Handler answers an incoming call on the programmed number of rings(default is two rings). The Call Handler plays a short promotional message, then switches to a transfer message (this may be the same as the on-hold message) and begins to ring the inside phone system.

Screen Mode

The Call Handler immediately begins to ring the inside phone during an incoming call. If the programmed number of rings (default is 4) is reached before the inside phone system answers the call, the Call Handler plays a short screen message. The Call Handler continues to ring the inside phone system while the messages are being played. When someone answers the incoming call, the messages cut off and the caller is connected to the inside phone system.

Night Answer Mode

Can be programmed for night answer with 24 hour clock. In night answer mode the device answers the call, announces an after-hours message, and hangs up.

Multiple Line Answer

The CH 6000 answers 1 - 3 lines simultaneously and plays the programmed messages. Each line can be turned on/off separately to allow calls to pass through. All lines may have the same message or different messages. Each line can be set separately to answer on 1 to 9 rings.

Call Counter

The three lines can count up to 99,999 calls. Call reporting can be retrieved locally or remotely.

Information On-Hold

The CH 6000 is equipped with a built-in information on-hold capability. On-hold shares the nonvolatile flash memory with the other programmable messages. The on-hold message is output to the MOH port of the telephone system.

Auto Pass Through

In the event of a power failure, the unit automatically takes itself off line so calls can be answered without interference.

Auto Connect

In the event a phone line is not occupied with an incoming call, internal users may call out. The CH 6000 automatically removes itself from the line.

Auto Hang Up Detectection

Anytime a caller hangs up before the call is answered, the unit detects the hang-up and instantly resets for the next call.

Zero Gap

When recording a production, the unit records the silence at the start and end of recording. However, the on board computer has the intelligence to go back and delete the silence leaving zero gap in the loop.

Volume Control

Unit has a volume control that can be changed remotely or locally. Local control of the volume can be deactivated.

Security Code

There is a dealer-definable 5 digit security code with "three times, you're out" software to prevent unauthorized entry. Code is held permanently in flash memory.

Brownout Protection

In the event of a brownout, a drop in the power will not damage electronics or cause improper operation. Also, recordings in flash memory are unaffected by brown outs.

Made In The USA

The CH 6000 is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

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