DDF 2800

DDF 2800 Documentation

DDF 2800 Specifications

DDF 2800 Dimensions

11" x 3.75" x 7.7"


9 lbs.


112 Kbps

Recording Time

4 - 32 minutes


Non-volatile NAND Flash.

Power Source

12V DC adapter included

Audio Output

600 Ohm & 8 Ohm

Source Bandwidth

200 - 3400 Hz

Recording Method

SAS 2000 Software


5 digit


56k Modem PC Download

DDF 2800

**Currently Out Of Stock**

The ultimate device in digital - to - digital remote downloading, the DDF 2800 offers unparalleled upgrade ability. The DDF 2800 is compatible with a 56k PC modem to receive audio downloads.

Music and messages are loaded separately to optimize download efforts and audio customization.

DDF 2800 Features

Digital Downloading

The DDF 2800 is loaded digitally over the telephone line using an internal 56k modem.

Separate Music And Messaging

Music and messages can be loaded and erased separately. Customers can now receive one message or music production change without reloading an entire new production.

Built-In Fax Switch

Provides dealer with the uninterrupted ability to download to the unit 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This feature does not add additional fees to the end user's monthly phone bill.

Optional Message Play List

This list selects which messages to play, and their play order. The order of the messages can be set to play certain messages once and others more often depending on the customer's needs. Messages can also be turned off and on by the dealer rather than erasing and reloading new messages. Up to 99 messages can be stored on the system.

Ring Back

Premier's exclusive ring back feature lets the 2800 share any phone line. This is highly useful in the absence of a dedicated fax line.

Flash Memory

The DDF 2800 uses the latest version of non-volatile NAND flash memory allowing the unit to never lose its recording in a power failure. The DDF 2800's NAND flash memory can store messages of any length provided they do not exceed the total memory time of the machine. Other memory types store and erase messages in 16 second blocks. Therefore, a 17 second message needs 32 seconds of memory. This raises costs by forcing the dealer to buy machines with additional memory.

Crystal Clear Sound Quality

Premier Technologies makes the best sounding digital on-hold units in the industry. Our true 112 kbps sampling rate is used in the DDF 2800.

Zero Gap

The DDF 2800 eliminates any silence between the end of the production and the beginning so customers on hold do not hear any dead air while on-hold.

Assured Security

A 10-digit security code guarantees security for the end user and the dealer.

Benefits Of Digital-To-Digital Remote Technology:

Immediate Updates

Individual messages and/or music beds can be updated with ease, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hands Free

Remote programming ensures little or no effort by the customer and 100% control by the message on-hold dealer.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

Premier's truly digital-to-digital system assures the customer will enjoy unsurpassed sound quality.

Made In The USA

The DDF 2800 is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

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