NET 7000 Documentation

NET 7000 Specifications

NET 7000 Dimensions

4" x 5" x 1"


4 lbs.

Audio Format

The NET7000 will play all mp3 formats. These include all MPEG 1/2, layer 2 and layer 3 formats, as well as MPEG 2.5 low bit rates. (mp3 pro is not supported.)

mp3 Bit Rates

64kbps = 7 min, 15 sec memory
48kbps = 9 min, 40 sec memory
32kbps = 14 min, 30 sec memory

Flash Memory

Nonvolatile, unaffected by power interruptions of any duration.

Network Interface

RJ45 Cat 5 Ethernet connector, 6ft. Cat 5 patch cord (included)

Power Source

12Vdc, 500mA adapter (included)

Audio Output

8 ohm and 600 ohm RCA connection

Ear Bud

Included (RCA termination)

NET 7000

NET 7000

**The NET 7000 has been replaced by the Hybrid 7100.**
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The NET 7000 unit stores and continuously plays a digitized audio production for message on hold applications. The unit receives (pulls) audio and configuration updates over the internet or intranet from a Content Management System. Connection to a local area network is made by a standard Ethernet interface on the unit.



The NET7000 stores audio in standard mp3 formats. Mp3 bit rates of 32, 48, and 64 kbps are available. Depending on the bit rate used, the total memory of the unit can vary from approximately 7-14 minutes of storage.


The device IP address is entered into a computer's web browser on the Local Area Network (LAN). A graphical user interface is presented to the user for device configuration and audio adjustment.

Volume/Tone Control

An 8 ohm and a 600 ohm output are available from the amplifier. Volume and tone control changes are made by using a standard web browser operated from a computer on the LAN. Up/Down volume buttons are located on the unit as well. All of these adjustments are made in real time on the machine.


The NET7000 periodically communicates to a Content Management System (CMS). Generally, this is done at defined intervals of time (typically every 1-12 hours). First the NET7000 unit identifies itself to the CMS by a serial number. After identification, the CMS will determine if there is a new audio file to download. It then pulls this file from the CMS and stores in flash memory.

Product Updates

The unit also has the ability to receive firmware updates during these checks to the Content Management System. Premier will notify dealers of firmware updates as they become available. The dealers will then have the option as to whether or not they want to update the equipment.

E-Mail Notification

The Content Management System can be set up to automatically notify your customer when their audio production has been changed. Other automatic notifications are also available to you the dealer and your customer.

Detailed Network Communication Information

All communication between the device and the Content Management System is via http protocol and is over port 80. This is the standard internet communication protocol. As a result, firewall security is not a concern with IT professionals. Communication with the CMS does not jeopardize network security.

Content Management System (CMS)

Access to this website is secured by user name and password. Serial numbers of units are entered by Premier into the web site as units are shipped. The dealer creates groups and assigns individual units to each group. Audio mp3 files can be uploaded by the dealer to the web site library. Each group is assigned one or more mp3 audio files. Dealers can schedule uploading of audio files to units in the field at different times and dates in the future.

Made In The USA

The NET 7000 is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

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