SM 1000

SM 1000 Documentation

SM 1000 Specifications

SM 1000 Dimensions

4" x 5" x 1"


4 lbs.


8 kHz

Recording Time

64 minutes


Non-volatile Smart Media

Power Source

12V DC adapter (included)

Audio Output

600 Ohm & 8 Ohm

Source Bandwidth

200 - 3400 Hz

Recording Method

MuVer Software
[Download MuVer]


Smart Media read/writer (purchased separately)

SM 1000

**Currently Out Of Stock**

The SM 1000 is a 100% digital Smart Media player used for Information On-Hold. Messages are downloaded to the SmartMedia card by using a PC, a SmartMedia read/writer, and Premier Technologies' MuVer software. Up to six audio tracks can be stored on the SmartMedia memory cards for future playback. The SM 1000 has a 64 minute memory capacity.

SM 1000 Features

Plug And Play

Plug in the power supply, place the SM card in the player, connect the unit to the telephone system, and you are ready to go!

Non-Volatile Memory

With Smart Media technology your on hold messages will never be lost due to power failure or brown outs. The SM 1000 will automatically start playing your on hold program when power returns. There will never be a loss of quality since it is a 100% digital memory medium.

Selectable Program Playback

The SM 1000 lets customers choose from up to six different On-hold programs. Dealers can provide customers with multiple programs allowing the customer to make changes on the fly. Customers can switch from holiday messages to their regular On-hold program with the press of a button. This can also be used to highlight a certain program during a promotional period.

Industrial Construction

The industrial SM 1000 is made in the USA. Its durable high tech aluminum enclosure is made to withstand the sometimes rugged conditions of your telephone room.

PC Loadable

On-hold messages are downloaded to the Smart Media cards by using the MuVer software available from Premier Technologies. Combined with a PC and a USB-connected Smart Media read/writer, the MuVer software saves .wav or .mp3 on-hold productions to the memory cards. Simply insert the programmed cards into the SM 1000 and enjoy immediate digital playback.

Tone Control

The SM 1000 has a tone control allowing users to set the perfect tone level for their telephone system. This results in superior sound quality, no matter what kind of telephone system you have.

600 Ohm & 8 Ohm Output

With so many telephone systems in the field, the SM 1000's outputs will handle any requirement. Customers can control the volume level on their program with easy to access controls on the side of the unit.

Made In The USA

The SM 1000 is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

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