SMP 1304 Documentation

SMP 1304 Specifications

Loading Memory

USB Flash Drive

On Board Memory

NAND Flash

Digitizing Rate

Per mp3 audio file (32-256Kbps)

Recording Times


Message Capacity

Up to 4 Messages

Source Bandwidth

Per mp3 audio file

Audio Output

600 ohm and 8 ohm


RCA type
8-pin DIN connector


12VDC @800mA


4.75" x 6.5" x 1.6"


3lbs (Boxed)

SMP 1304

The SMP 1304 is a digital message repeater designed for triggered message play. MP3 audio is loaded to the device using a removable USB flash drive. The MP3 messages are then transferred into the unit and stored in non-volatile flash memory. The SMP 1304 can store and play up to four (4) unique messages for triggered playback.

Loading new audio to the device is plug-and-play. Simply drag/drop MP3 audio file(s) to a standard USB flash drive, and insert the drive into the SMP 1304. The device will automatically delete the old files and load the new ones. Once the files have been loaded to the unit, the USB flash drive can be removed.

Messages are triggered via dry contact closure using a standard DIN connector located on the rear of the unit. The SMP 1304 is designed for long-term, reliable audio playback for use in a commercial application. Made in the USA.


The SMP 1304 is suggested for commercial applications that require a reliable, user-friendly audio device. Ideal for Trade Show Displays, Transit applications, Drive Thru’s, Interactive Kiosks, Alarm Systems, Theme Parks, Museums, and Voice Evacuation messages.

SMP 1304 Features

  • 100 % Fully Digital System
  • MP3 Audio Loads To Unit W/USB Drive
  • Stores Up To Four (4) Messages For Triggered Play
  • Audio Is Stored In Non-Volatile Flash Memory
  • Messages Are Triggered With Standard DIN Cable
  • 600 Ohm (Line Out) And 8ohm (Amplified) RCA-Type Output
  • The SMP 1304 is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.
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